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Free TradingView Premium

World markets at your fingertips

Direct access to stocks, futures, all major indices, forex, bitcoin, and CFDs is available with TradingView Premium’s dependable connection to hundreds of data sources. You’ll receive a level of depth of coverage not offered on any other open platform.

Join 30 million traders and investors.
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Technical analysis charting software for day traders and swing traders is called TradingView.

It is quick, dependable, strong, and reasonably priced.

I’ve examined almost all of the available charting and day trading software.

This TradingView Premium review represents the result of that “research,” even though it may have been a waste of time for me.

My top pick for charting software is TradingView. And the race isn’t even close.

I’ll discuss why TradingView is the greatest and what you can do on it in this review.

And like with all of my review articles, we begin with the verdict:

In 2023, TradingView Premium will be the best charting platform due to its extensive feature set, quickness, usability, coverage, and dependability. Both novice and seasoned traders should use it.

Describe TradingView.

More than 30 million traders utilize the sophisticated charting platform TradingView.

In order to effectively forecast stock price fluctuations and profit from short-term price changes, traders can chart, add indicators, and analyze real-time data.

Although TradingView was initially designed for equities and ETFs, cryptocurrency coverage was just introduced. Financial derivatives like futures and CFDs are also available. Check out the top platform for CFD trading while you’re at it.

Free TradingView Premium includes paper trading (virtual trading to practice your abilities before risking real money), fundamental data, broker connections, and more throughout its browser-based application, iOS and Android applications, and desktop software, in addition to its major charting tools (described below).

TradingView Premium Is For Whom?

Active traders may undertake technical analysis on equities and cryptocurrencies mostly using Free TradingView Premium.

What TradingView Premium excels at is what follows: It is simple to use for beginner traders learning about various indicators, trading techniques, and creating their own distinctive style, while being incredibly effective for traders with years of expertise and their own bespoke scripts.

Essential Elements of TradingView:

Free TradingView Premium is the ideal option for both beginners and seasoned traders because it is extremely jam-packed with functionality and still maintains an incredibly elegant layout.

Here are some of TradingView’s salient characteristics:

1.Indicators and technical analysis

You should consider investing in TradingView Premium if you want to use charting, and you won’t be dissatisfied.

We are only going to touch on the highlights because there is A LOT to discuss here.

Among the options are:

  • 14 different sorts of charts
  • Over 20 Timeframes
  • Over 90 drawing tools
  • 100+ constructed indicators
  • 100,000+ Building community indicators
  • 70+ more than 50 nations’ exchanges

Since we can nearly certain you won’t miss anything, Free TradingView Premium is utilized by more than 30 million traders each month.

However, a Basic plan will significantly restrict how you may use these capabilities (particularly when used together).

Here are the chart restrictions first:

The technical analysis constraints are as follows:

It goes without saying that you must upgrade if you are serious about trading.


You need a technique to swiftly sort among hundreds of stocks for prospective trades in addition to your few chosen assets.

There are 3 screeners in TradingView:

Stocks \sForex \sCryptocurrencies

For each screener, there are many filtering choices depending on the quantitative data and criteria you deem most significant. Particularly noteworthy is the technical indicator filter.

For instance, if you want to hunt for possible short opportunities, you may filter by stocks with an overbought RSI.

TradingView’s Technical Rating, which goes from Strong Sell to Strong Buy, is also included in the screeners. These ratings are determined by analyzing how different technical indicators interact with one another.

When done, click the export option to save the data as a CSV file for further study.


You must watch many stocks at once if you want to locate the greatest trading setups.

But it also becomes exhausting, and going back and forth between several assets may be very mentally taxing.

By providing server-side notifications, TradingView offers a solution to this issue. You may establish price alerts for the assets you’re tracking around important support and resistance levels with these alerts, and you’ll receive notifications when a stock enters or exits a crucial price range.

You frequently utilize notifications to save yourself from going insane toggling back and forth between each stock on your watchlist.

The main drawback of not updating is the overall quantity of alerts:

Practice trading strategies

Right there on your chart, simulate actual trading. Using historical data, test pre-written or original tactics in real time.

  • reports in-depth on the effectiveness of your plan
  • Pine ScriptTM’s adaptable strategy design and customisation
  • monitoring of completed orders directly on the chart
  • With forward testing, the parameters of the strategy change
  • Shareable performance metrics for strategies with other users


Community trading is really challenging. It can also get lonely.

On TradingView, you can quickly exchange ideas with other seasoned traders and learn what tactics are effective for seasoned pros.

While learning from others and having them evaluate your hypotheses and tactics is one of the finest ways to enhance your trading, reading books on technical analysis and practicing with paper trading are also helpful. One of the quickest methods to learn the subtleties of trading, which frequently mean the difference between profits and losses, is through this method.

Millions of traders publish their trades and setups they want to enter in TradingView’s Trade Ideas area. One of the quickest ways to improve your trading abilities and learn new technical analysis methods is through this.

You’ll study about risk management, trading styles, market interpretation, trading strategy, and other topics in addition to honing your technical trading talents (forgive the pun). Though these “soft skills” are less frequently discussed, seasoned traders are aware of the critical part they play in sustaining profitability.

You have the opportunity to learn every aspect of successful trading from some of the top traders in the world thanks to TradingView’s community.

Other Qualities:

  • Here are a few more noteworthy characteristics:
  • Assets: Futures, cryptocurrency, commodities, forex, and futures contracts
  • Markets: 50+ exchanges and the majority of important indexes
  • broker relationships
  • Apps for PC, mobile, and the web
  • Pub replays
  • Paper exchange
  • better watchlists
  • Backtesting using fundamental stock data
  • Discuss ideas
  • exporting charts
  • Heatmaps
  • worldwide news in real time
  • Calendars of earnings

Last Word

TradingView Evaluation

Your trading needs TradingView without a doubt.

You don’t need a lot of trading ideas or an alert service. You need a location to chart that is quick, dependable, and reasonably priced; TradingView hits all three home runs.

It features all the indicators and analytical tools you could possibly need (plus a lot more), and its straightforward layout makes trading easy and efficient.

Here is the response to the question, “Is TradingView suitable for day trading?”

Sure, it is. More than 30 million traders rely on it since they can’t find anything wrong with TradingView.